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assisted reproduction & adoption

We work with both adoptive parents and birth parents in Asheville, western North Carolina and throughout the country. If you want to adopt a baby, a relative, a stepchild, or an adult, or if you are a birthmother who wishes to create an adoption plan, we can help.  We will guide you and be with you through every step of the adoption process and help you navigate the legal issues involved in an adoption.  We coordinate with all parties and create a clear adoption plan, making sure that the needs of both the adoptive parents and the birth parents are met.

Our assisted reproduction legal services include drafting or reviewing ovum, sperm, and embryo donation contracts, preparing or reviewing surrogacy contracts, and preparing court documentation necessary for parental adjudication.  We represent intended parents, birth parents, and gamete donors.  We work closely with you to understand your needs and concerns, and we work closely with other parties' attorneys to be sure the final contract reflects all parties' intentions. 

In vitro fertilisation, IVF macro concep
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